The “No Fly Lists” are a foul invention.

 They contravene the rules of every system of justice humans have ever enjoyed. The No Fly Lists carry the presumption of guilt rather than the presumption of innocence till proven guilty. In addition to that the secret nature of these lists brand every Canadian and every American guilty at the whim of the government.

 In other words, they are one more repressive tool in the hands of a despotic government. If anyone can be denied freedom of movement without accusation or even probable cause and not be given notice of this restriction or of any accusation, then the governing structure is free to apply the restraint against any person who may by word or deed oppose the actions of said government.

 The No Fly Lists are a symptom of the disease which has infected North American governments and people. We have become afflicted with a ‘cocoon mentality’. People demand to be protected from every possible risk or injury. Whether in an attempt to satisfy the voters’ demands, or by calculatedly grasping the opportunity to form a totalitarian system, our governments have tried to satisfy these demands.

 Certainly, most of our leaders are smart enough to recognize the futility of attempting total security. Therefore, I must assume that this structure has been put in place for the purpose of total control over the people. This also entrenches the government, because without dissent they cannot be replaced. The sham elections we enjoy change only the faces, not the government. Even this may soon come to an end.

 Now only the ultra rich pillars of the establishment, who own personal aircraft, are exempt from obscene invasions of privacy and dignity.

 There is no; Law, Religion, or Moral Code, which suggests that a person should be judged guilty in absentia without notification, opportunity to defend himself, or opportunity to know his accusers. We are living in very arbitrary times.


Torture as an instrument of policy

Many human rights activists are fighting to gain accountability and compensation for the abuse of individuals which was conducted by, or in proxy for, the United States in their campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. These accountability campaigns are worthy causes.


However, the larger fight is in the correction of human psychology which has throughout history lead humans to engage in torture. This tendency to torture may be the single factor which differentiates us from the rest of the animal world. Millions of people have been tortured through history, in every country in the world. Many have been tortured by government proxy, many others by private individuals and groups. There are probably very few people who have not to some degree, engaged in some form of torture. Children torture commonly, so do spouses. Sometimes the practice is an expression of fear sometimes of retribution, and sometimes of impotence. In every case the underlying requirement is to validate the lust for power and the current structure of that power.


Why can’t we break out of this pattern of validating our existence only by causing pain and death to others? The lust for power is like a recessive gene stuck in our DNA programming. Almost all of our human leaders exhibit it to some degree. It is the single thread which binds them all. On an individual basis a lust for power would seem irrational, however in the biologic imperative of imprinting and continuing a genetic tree there is some sense. Dr. Darwin would have approved. I find that the practice and promotion of torture is evidence that the practitioner subconsciously recognizes his own incompetence. Therefore, torture is the ultimate expression of  ‘The Peter Principle’.


The nomination and acceptance of leaders who promote torture may well be a symptom of the health of our particular tribe.

Canada’s OIL?

Does nobody care/Does nobody see? Why does Canada earn so much less for our oil?

The media, both mainstream and alternative, and even including WikiLeaks does not seem to register the artificial discrepancy between the oil prices realized by Canadian producers under the Canada/US Free Trade Agreement, and the current global price of oil. No one seems to want to look under that particular rock and investigate the causes beyond just shrugging their shoulders and accepting that, ‘There is a pipeline bottleneck in Cushing Oklahoma.’. I find that too ridiculous for comment.A $25/barrel    (Make that $30 now) premium would build a new pipeline, never mind making sure that some pipelines were not being run backwards.  I wonder who is funding the anti-pipline group?

Media Sins of omission

 There is no reference to the unholy alliance between the government of Canada and some entities in the United States. The trade agreement between Canada and the United States, negotiated in secret by then Prime Minister Brian Mulrooney, (see ) As a consequence of that agreement we now have and have enjoyed for some time a situation whereby the exports of oil from Canada to the US (totaling in excess of three million barrels per day) are fraudulently transacted at a net loss relative to world price of approximately $25/barrel. Therefore Canadian producers and taxpayers are suffering a loss of about $50-100 millions per day. The present government of Canada is making no protest about this discrepancy so I must conclude that they are either afraid to complain or somehow being compensated for keeping their mouths closed.

In addition to the resource price discrepancy, Canadians are paying about 30% more for gasoline than Americans on an equivalent basis.

The only place in the United States where oil is priced this low is at the pipeline terminal in Cushing, Oklahoma where the price for West Texas intermediate oil is determined. It so happens that Canadian Oil is sold to the US based upon the price for West Texas Intermediate Crude. In the rest of the US prices are based on the international market which prices oil at about $105 per barrel.