The “No Fly Lists” are a foul invention.

 They contravene the rules of every system of justice humans have ever enjoyed. The No Fly Lists carry the presumption of guilt rather than the presumption of innocence till proven guilty. In addition to that the secret nature of these lists brand every Canadian and every American guilty at the whim of the government.

 In other words, they are one more repressive tool in the hands of a despotic government. If anyone can be denied freedom of movement without accusation or even probable cause and not be given notice of this restriction or of any accusation, then the governing structure is free to apply the restraint against any person who may by word or deed oppose the actions of said government.

 The No Fly Lists are a symptom of the disease which has infected North American governments and people. We have become afflicted with a ‘cocoon mentality’. People demand to be protected from every possible risk or injury. Whether in an attempt to satisfy the voters’ demands, or by calculatedly grasping the opportunity to form a totalitarian system, our governments have tried to satisfy these demands.

 Certainly, most of our leaders are smart enough to recognize the futility of attempting total security. Therefore, I must assume that this structure has been put in place for the purpose of total control over the people. This also entrenches the government, because without dissent they cannot be replaced. The sham elections we enjoy change only the faces, not the government. Even this may soon come to an end.

 Now only the ultra rich pillars of the establishment, who own personal aircraft, are exempt from obscene invasions of privacy and dignity.

 There is no; Law, Religion, or Moral Code, which suggests that a person should be judged guilty in absentia without notification, opportunity to defend himself, or opportunity to know his accusers. We are living in very arbitrary times.


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