Request for input and ideas

A Global project for Freedom

This project has support from the owners of three liberal websites but, it needs to be further refined and also promoted to a wider audience. The opportunity to air ideas should not be limited to any one group or it would lose relevance. Any suggestions as to structure, content, or formating would be welcome. This is an idea that came to me by chance, I declare no ownership. This is about the future.

 The Better World List Project. Crowd sourcing the Future.Citizens are fearful and unhappy. Their needs and wants conflict with those of other people and sometimes even with each other. Governments do not seem able or willing to help. The realities of our world are limited by our imaginations and our unwillingness to try new things.This project is an attempt to combine the core interests of all people into an understandable form, which does not favor the vested interests of financial and political influence. The internet is the only tool we have for the job.This project will not create a perfect world. Each person is different. We have different values and different needs. However, until we express ourselves succinctly and list our positions in a concrete form, there can be no true understanding of our similarities and our differences. And there can never be a manifestation of the values of the majority.

The project, if you chose to participate, consists of listing the five core changes, which would make your life better. These five items should be listed in order of importance and described in twenty-five words or less.

Enough of this vague discontent. Spell it out for all to see and understand. Don’t worry about whether government can or will satisfy these demands. If enough people want something, government has no other authority. Don’t worry about what your friends and neighbors think, they all have their own list. This is not a popularity contest for you. It is an attempt at real democracy. The submitted lists would be compiled into a ranking to determine the top ten items and then published.

This project requires very few capital resources. The internet will provide the connections for free. People will need to provide valid names and email addresses to prevent spamming. All that is needed are secure servers and a computer large enough to process the incoming data.

Please feel free to comment in any way on this idea.


Where this project leads is a mystery.

I will list my five general items to show what I hope would be the direction. I do not mean to dictate or shape the lists of others.

1)     Military actions and spending.

2)     Social safety net; including Health Care and Education.

3)     Human Rights; including Freedom of Speech, Laws, Representation.

4)     The economy; including Government Spending, Job Creation, and Taxation.

5)     Regulatory Structure; including resource policies, markets, and courts.

These are very general categories and need not be followed. Hopefully, with a large response, a computer will be able to pick Keywords from respondents’ lists and generate an overview.