Canada’s War??

Canada’s, Harper government is proud to lead the NATO/UN mission to protect the peaceful protestors of Libya. These protestors in an effort to join the Arab Spring rebellion across North Africa were protesting against the savage and greedy government of Gaddafi. The NATO mission was to protect the innocent civilians shown on numerous cell phone/social media sites as being horribly attacked by Gaddafi forces, including fighter jets.


The Truth..

Well. In a word, we were suckered.

Gaddafi, while no angel and certainly eccentric, was probably one of the World’s most progressive leaders. Libyan people received a larger share of oil revenues than Canadians do…?


The justifications for the attack on Libya were manufactured by some high tech wizardry, and pure lies.


To the credit of our Canadian pilots, early in the attack, they refused a NATO designated bombing target which they found to be inappropriate. That didn’t stop British from bombing Gaddafi’s compound the next day, even though that had nothing to do with the ‘protection mission’.


The history of Canada’s involvement in the Libyan conflict:

From Globe and Mail Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

Harper: “I have instructed our officials to prepare a full range of sanctions against the Libyan regime, both in collaboration with our international partners, or unilaterally if necessary. No options have been ruled out.”

“Mr. Harper’s aides insisted that the Prime Minister’s assertion that nothing has been ruled out included the possibility of more dramatic next steps, including supporting the enforcement of a no-fly zone that would ground the Libyan air force.”


Why was Mr. Harper so eager to be at the forefront of the attack on Libya (read Gaddafi)

Could it have been nothing more than the pique because of personal embarrassment?

Chain of events:

Mr. Harper had intended to deliver Mr. Gaddafi a public tongue-lashing during a refueling stop in ST. Johns:



3)     Then after all ‘our’ tough talk Mr. Gaddafi ‘offered’ to cut PetroCan’s oil and the whole thing ended in a humiliation for Mr. Harper.

In the end Libya cut Petro-Canada’s oil concessions by 50% anyway.

 The UN mission to protect Libyan civilians has proved to be nothing more than a “Regime change”, which places people more amenable to Western/oil interests in control of  Libya. Canada eagerly accepted a leadership role in the attacking forces, and now stands exposed as again, an inadvertent lap dog for American interests. The United States has already announced preparations for moving a Military Command center to Libya for their “Africom Force”.


One response to “Canada’s War??

  1. Is is not the same with how these “elected” leaders treated Chavez? They denigrated and smeared a man who, in face of threats etc, put his people first. Chavez strength is a sign of a true leader – one who leads by example.

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