Political Prisoner Registry

The very real threat of National and Global police states

The greatest threat is fear and, second only to that, is the loss of Habeas Corpus.

The real quest is for a small amount of verifiable truth.

Police States are built upon fears and secrecy.

Many governments are stoking fears of terrorist threats and cloaking their own activities in secrecy. By externalizing and transferring the blame for social and economic problems, these nations seek to distract their citizens from government failures and agendas.

One tool of this is a witch-hunt for any persons who oppose government policies and practices. To this end, new laws are being implemented and old laws are being revived – anything to suppress anti-government actions (eg – Using unrelated  laws to arrest those wearing Guy Fawkes masks in New York). In nations which have been historically free, like Britain and the United States, people are being encouraged to spy upon their fellow citizens and report any ‘suspicious’ activities in some Orwellian horror-space. In both countries, the proliferation of invasive technological surveillance are threatening privacy rights.

The most frightening change has been the creation of new laws in the United States which suspend the Right of Habeas Corpus. At present, there is little concrete evidence of how many people have been secretly and unconstitutionally arrested. The only way the public hears of these arrests is through rumours of their occurrence and occasional stories from those, who after months or years, are released.

In the interest of transparency and freedom, the United States and the rest of the world needs a public information site on the internet to act as a Registry where information about people who are illegally arrested or kidnapped can be posted for all to read. The fear of possible arbitrary arrest and detention without access to Habeas Corpus rights and representation is a freedom-destroying disease. These practices must be exposed and investigated in public view. There is no trust in government integrity so the people must do the investigation and see the public results of the investigations. If the fears of these practices should prove unfounded, that will be a wonderful and liberating advancement. If, as we suspect, government  is hiding a massive program of disappearances reminiscent of Argentina, then the people need to know as soon as possible so steps can be taken to halt the abuses.

The Internet Registry of Persons Imprisoned on Suspicion of Security Violations needs your help. There is currently no such Registry. The Registry requires site construction, distributed hosting, and site security before it can begin to accept information about illegally arrested persons. Thereafter, the Registry will require significant human resources for investigating and verifying reports of illegal arrests.  If you can assist with this please contact….


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