Justice for Bradley Manning

R U One in 300 for Justice?

It was moving to see tens of thousands of Americans adding their names to petitions in support of Mr. Davis because of incomplete evidence of his guilt.

Why don’t these same people even dare to talk about the illegal imprisonment and possible death of Bradley Manning.  Bradley Manning the accused leaker, of the Baghdad Helicopter Massacre video, actually stands accused of having a higher moral standard than the government and the US army. For this he is punished by imprisonment in solitary confinement and various tortures.

Why does nobody stand up for Justice in Manning’s case? Is it because he is gay? Is it because they are afraid of the government? Or is it really because his courage makes us look bad?

 Here is your chance to prove that YOU believe in Justice and the Rule of Law.

1)Mr. Bradley Manning has been charged based on circumstantial and hearsay evidence.

2)Mr. Manning has not been convicted of any crime.

3)Mr. Manning has been held in prison without proper access to legal council for over one year without being convicted of any crime.

4)Mr. Manning has for no obvious reason been abused and miss-treated while in prison contrary to the law.

5)Mr. Manning is an American citizen and entitled to all the protections and provisions of the Constitution of The United States of America.

6)Due to the illegal declaration by the President of the United States, that Mr. Manning was “guilty”, it is now impossible for Bradley Manning to have a fair trial within the United States.

Are there not at least one million Americans who believe enough in the Law and the Constitution to sign this petition?


 If there is not one in three hundred Americans who will stand to witness that the government has and is abusing Mr. Bradley Manning, then the outpouring of support for Mr. Troy Davis was no more than cheap theater.

 Whether you think Bradley Manning is guilty or not, Justice must be fair to be called Justice. This petition cannot force the president to release Mr. Manning, but it will force him to say why he refuses to obey the laws of the United States. In spite of recent events, Mr. Obama is not God!

 For any who have not seen the Baghdad video too many times, Ask yourselves, “Should this have been kept secret?” Would your fellow citizens do this?


Paul Repstock


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