The crime rate in Canada has been falling for decades, yet our government wants to build more prisons. Once these prisons are built, then there must be New Prisoners to fill them. (Cause and Effect) The expenditures must be Justified!

With a falling crime rate the only way to get ‘More Prisoners’ is to make more things illegal and to have longer sentances. Therefore, we can expect a slew of New Laws. And one would expect that between here and there, these New Prisons will be sold to private companies, just like in the US.

The US has suffered badly from the Private Prisons. Judges have taken kickbacks for sentancing kids to prison. Search the topic ” Private Prison Scandals”

Or search, “Kids for Cash”..from CNN Justice>>

“As scandals from Wall Street to Washington roil the public trust, the justice system in Luzerne County, in the heart of Pennsylvania’s struggling coal country, has also fallen prey to corruption. The county has been rocked by a kickback scandal involving two elected judges who essentially jailed kids for cash. Many of the children had appeared before judges without a lawyer.

The nonprofit Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia said Phillip is one of at least 5,000 children over the past five years who appeared before former Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella.

Ciavarella pleaded guilty earlier this month to federal criminal charges of fraud and other tax charges, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. Former Luzerne County Senior Judge Michael Conahan also pleaded guilty to the same charges. The two secretly received more than $2.6 million, prosecutors said.”

Do we want an American Style prison system in Canada?

There are currently more people in prison in the US than in any other country. About 2.5 million Americans are in prison. Over 50,000 are in solitary confinement. Imagine spending over 10 years in solitary just because somebody makes more money that way??


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