Secure Communications

I offer this in full risk of ridicule or reprisal. If you know a techie, pass it on:
When the day comes as many of us fear, that the internet and private electronic communications are shut down or severely limited by a combination of government and corporate interests, we will need an alternative way of communication. I believe that all forms of radio and satellite communication will be simultaneously curtailed.

 For those who are a bit worried, I propose a hokey little idea:

An ordinary hand-held laser pointer can be easily adapted to produce much more power by burning out the power limiter. This small laser will then have enough power to transmit several miles. Light sensors are cheap (Nightlights etc.), and their efficiency can be increased also. By connecting these to a computer, it will be possible to create undetectable and unstoppable communication networks to transmit simple messages and small amounts of data in morse code or even in multi base codes. Receivers on high points can act as transfer nodes, and in my theory, it is even possible to “paint” messages on aircraft, satelites, and with enough power, even on the Moon. I exagerate a


One response to “Secure Communications

  1. I does work. This can be done on several levels. At the low end, it is nothing more than a means of sending Morse code (The binary code for your computer is essentially Morse Code). The sender simply attaches wiring to a better switch than the push button on the side of the pointer. Then he fixes his laser pointer in a vicelike base and aims it at the position of the recipient. Depending on the distance between the people, the recipient may need optical magnification to ‘see’ the signal.
    At higher levels of sophistication the power of the laser can be increased and the laser and a light sensitive device(reciever) can both be hardwired to the computer processor. I do not know what data transfer speeds could be achieved, but certainly, a computer could send and recieve much faster than humans.
    By mounting the laser and the reciever within small diameter non reflective tubes, (eg ten feet of 1/2″ iron pipe) the possibility of detection would be near zero.
    These optical lasers are negatively impacted by windows and by weather conditions.

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