Security Fraud

Security is an intangible condition, perhaps best defined as the safety of ones’ person and assets, from injury by external forces. In historical terms security was accomplished by building fortresses to keep out invaders and deep vaults to store wealth. (Still practiced by the very wealthy)

 In modern definition, security has been extended to include the protection of not only life and property but also emotional sensitivities and environmental comfort. Another innovation is the commodification of security. What is offered is of course an ersatz symbolic security, a fake and meaningless security.  At certain costs people can convince themselves that they are secure. As with anything else that people will pay for, there will always be vendors.

 A huge enterprise has been constructed on the fallacy that Security can be purchased and that it is a definable good. The marketing of Security has been carefully orchestrated, first by identifying a need and creating a market, and then by the offering of solutions to the problem. The fact that this marketing is being largely conducted by national governments and international umbrella organizations makes the nonperformance issues invalid, how would one recover costs if the vendors claims were proven false.

 Security is infact very similar to the “intangible assets” listed on the books of many corporations. The asset can only be vaguely defined and its value rests entirely maintenance of a perfectly balanced status quo. Security is more a state of mind than a physical state. It could probably only be achieved in a hypnotic or drug induced trance.

 The fact that governing entities must recognize the futility of attempting total security only makes their pretense more disgusting. In offering citizens security in return for the surrender of rights and freedoms, our governments are committing fraud. Sadly, once the transaction is complete, there will be no opportunity to reverse it or to claim redress if and when the fraud is revealed.


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