Solidarity’s Beacon

Solidarity of the 99%

To this point there is an unfortunate ‘appearance’ of insularity underlying the Occupy Wall Street protest. While this may reflect a nationalism or lack of awareness it should not continue. Firstly, Wall Street is not monolithic. Rather, it is one of a chain of financial fortresses. In all nations there exists one or more centers of banking and corporate power, all of which operate more or less in concert following a predetermined script. Secondly, though Wall Street is an American location its influence invades every corner of the globe.

Would the people of Occupy Wall Street demand justice and equity only for themselves and Americans, to the exclusion of the people of the rest of the world, some of whom have been far more harmed by the actions of Wall Street corporations than Americans have been.

Just as Wall Street acts in concert and solidarity with all other financial fortresses, so too must Occupy Wall Street act not only in solidarity with other American Occupation Movements, but also in solidarity with the people of the rest of the world. Expecting a seamless integration between the popular resistances in all parts of the globe would be foolish. However, there must be a recognition of  common cause.

The roots of every current protest in the world are the same. From Bangkok, to Tel Aviv and Athens, from London to Washington and Toronto, the underlying cause of discontent is the same. In every case the greed of the few, supported by the global banking cartel, is threatening to permanently disenfranchise the 99%.


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