The root causes and definitions of crime.

The psychobabble bucket is full of holes. Talking about how ‘The people’, are demanding tough responses to the criminal behavior of the poor, because it is too distressing to be confronted daily with those not held to account.

Root causes?/ I sure don’t know. Is it possible that this is nothing more than the cognitive disconnect which lead Marie Antoinette to utter her infamous comment, which in turn shortened her life and her stature.

 The really very nasty people who are doing bad things and are exhibiting very nasty social tendencies are not those who have lived impoverished lives pushed up against the wall by street crime and wages so low they cannot afford medical insurance.

 The really nasty people don’t peddle drugs by the ounce or steal hubcaps or stick-up liquor stores for fifty bucks. The really nasty people steal oil and minerals by the millions of tons, depose national governments for breakfast, and kill millions for the sport they call profit. Unless you don’t see those things as criminal and anti social??

 If you add up every two bit heist and mugging, every car theft, bank stick-up and petty swindle, every street corner drug deal and all the prostitution in America, you still don’t come close I scale to what the banksters pulled with the subprime mortgage swindle alone, never mind the trillion or so in derivatives  and various bailouts.

 Now that is a real criminal environment, why aren’t the people at those upper levels calling for the blood of those criminals? Is it because they are all involved?

 Or on the other, other hand, perhaps criminality really does have a socio-economic gradient. Perhaps theft of billions, drug deals over five tons, and executively sanctioned murder, are not crimes at all. But, rather just smart business.


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