War on Iran

Declaring war on Iran would satisfy the needs of many ‘special interest’ groups within the United States and the world.

1)The America First Lobby, needs a Middle East scorched Earth result which would leave the US as being the only large power with sufficient oil.

2)The Military corporations need a continuation of the Endless War to feed their money and political, pyramids.

3)The Armed Forces need justification for expansion and new toys.

4)The oil industry needs a war to justify high prices and a resumption of drilling in environmentally dangerous areas. They cannot achieve this in a stagnant and peaceful world.

5)Wall Street and the investors need war to supply the uncertainty which justifies the continuing bubble valuations.

6)Ordinary people need jobs. (Sounds crude or obscene, doesn’t it? Surprising what people will overlook to maintain the status quo.)

7)Religions need war, both to incite fear and to reduce people’s thinking to more elemental levels. Prosperity and technology are mostly incompatible with religious fervor.





Internationally: There are also many National and Corporate beneficiaries from a Middle Eastern War.

China in spite of the threat to their oil supply, needs an external force on which to blame the coming shortages. Balancing the demands of a billion people and 50 ethnicities is a challenge at any time. China needs an ‘external threat’!

Russia won’t mind too much because their petroleum reserves and minerals will suddenly become priceless…

Europe will be happy to endorse the whole thing as it will also shift attention from their own coming atrocities.

Finally, Israel will have the Holy War which is the underlying justification for all of their preceding activities.


Writing this list (incomplete), has been depressing. There are too many convergences of interest to suggest that I can do anything to prevent this war. Our World will not be the same when it is over.


Do we just give up and accept the inevitable and our individual culpability in the crime? I don’t think that is wise or just. In the final analysis, we are accountable to ourselves as much as to the World. We must seek to passively obstruct this war and actively choose not to participate in its abuses.


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