We don’t want your money, We want Justice!

Many mainstream conservatives would embrace the Occupy Movement except that they feel their material wealth is threatened.  

However, most activists realize that seeking arbitrary redistribution is irrational on anything but the most venal level.

1: Redistribution by force without systemic change would change nothing except the faces of a few of the Elites.

2: The money is part of the Problem, not part of the Solution. Fiat money is a curse, no matter who controls it. The power to print is much greater than the power of ownership.

3: Also, redistribution at a national level ignores the global imbalances. If one calculates redistribution on a global scale, then most North Americans would be poorer.

4: Money by itself, without access to power, is not worth the paper it is printed upon.

5: The ownership of the means of production and the natural resources, including land, out-weight the financial values.

6: Arbitrary redistribution merely on the basis of wants, rather than merit and effort, is socialist theft, which is no better than the corrupted capitalist theft, which got us to this point.

7: A major component of the income inequality is poor education, which would not be addressed by redistribution.

8: Until the 99% achieve a proportionate representation in government, and that government is accountable for its actions, laws will do nothing to prevent a return to the current imbalances.

 A message from people more articulate, 24 minutes well spent: http://www.presstv.ir/Program/208834.html