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FreeCanada, the home of the starry eyed and the idealist. Don’t you wish you were one of us? Idealists are not naïve, we know how things work in the world and we see how pathetic it is.
This page is dedicated to the way things should be. If we do not make the effort to maintain such ideals civilization is certain to devolve. ‘The squeaky wheel gets the grease’, if it does not, eventually the bearings seize and the wheel grinds to a halt. Can you see any hope of improvement or even continuation of the status quo in our world if we the people do not demand it? If you do I would suggest that you are more naïve than I am.

Kris Kristofferson had it all backwards, http://www.guitaretab.com/k/kristofferson-kris/10040.html . He sang, “FREEDOM’S JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHIN LEFT TO LOSE,”. Those are the thoughts of a fearful slave. To a proud human being servitude will sour the enjoyment of any possession.

The oppressed man owns his oppressors, through his mistreatment and even his death they demonstrate that the victim has something that they lust for. Often this is an independent spirit. The most brutal oppressors are often no more than dependent slaves themselves. Wouldn’t you rather live in a World where freedom was more valued than material possessions? If we did, then every human would have the opportunity to be wealthy. Wealth may indeed be synonymous with happiness, but as material wealth can only be measured in relative terms, it is necessary to continually struggle to stay ahead of the pack.